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These are irreconcilable perceptions, with irreconcilable premises. Of course the circumstances must matter, you say. No, they do not, because we are talking about the use of the mouth, the vagina, and the rectum. The perception exists that street-walking prostitutes are unique among their kind in that they are the only women in the business who suffer daily degradation.

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They certainly suffer the consequences of being regarded as the lowest of the low, but it would be very wrong to assume that degradation is restricted to the red-light zones. There are no such restrictions in prostitution.

Contrary to this misinformation, it is just as possible and just as customary to be humiliated in a five-star hotel. Indeed, sometimes when you are dealing with a particular type of man, with a class type of mindset, you are far worse off finding yourself with him in environs of opulence: some high men not all, thank God communicate to you that you ought to feel yourself privileged to be there, regardless of how immaculately and expensively dressed escorte made-up you may be.

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There was a sense of entitlement with those men that high increased with every pound they paid you. Of course, in some men this attitude was simply a reflection of their general arrogance and inhumanity; in the majority of men who treated me this way though, it was clear that they got off in the high sense on humiliating me, on making me feel powerless, on giving me escorte feel and understand escorte I was there for one reason and one reason only—so that my body would be class as a receptacle for their sperm.

After I began working indoors inI found that it was not safer as far as violence was concerned though it was certainly safer in terms of avoiding arrest but the degradation was just the same and often worse. The truth is there is nothing classy about the exchange of money for sex and the environs where it takes place are powerless to influence that. Almost always, the women I met who worked in more than one area of prostitution worked either on the streets and in brothels, or in brothels and escort agencies.

I knew one woman, a lovely girl, who worked her own one-woman escort agency out of an apartment on an upmarket avenue in Ballsbridge. Her advertising costs were three-hundred-and-fifty pounds a fortnight. Her rent was a thousand pounds a month.

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Her mobile phone bills were class than her advertising costs. This was in Mobile phones were brand new technology in Ireland at the time and were the escorte of businessmen, drug dealers and prostitutes. She broke even some months and when she did, she refused to work in any other area of the business to supplement her escorting income. It seemed so pointless to me—for some periods of time she was whoring herself just to maintain a situation in which to whore herself. Still, she managed to save ten thousand pounds in the time she rented that apartment, but her money was earned in fits and spurts during peak-time periods and I could not understand how she tolerated the class intervals.

The problem was that she was paying the high overhe an apartment full of women would have split between them, but she was compulsive about her independence and the privacy of her space. I was the only other woman who high worked in her apartment. She was inexperienced in these different dynamics.

Business was brisker on the escorte. You often had the opportunity to make your money and go. There was much less of the waiting around inherent to escort work, which I found uniquely depressing.

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It gave you too much time to think. I approached my work differently from my friend in other ways, too. I had a mobile but had it blocked for outgoing calls.

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It was strictly used for clients to contact me. I bought that phone when the laws changed in and street-walking prostitutes began being hounded nightly by the police. I rented an apartment in Terenure for a short time and opened an escort agency of my own.

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Escorte was a very simple thing to do and only required an apartment, a mobile phone and an advertisement in the back of In Dublin magazine, but when I had to deal with escorte reality of the ridiculous overhe, I soon got rid of the apartment and advertised for call-outs only. I worked mainly in the brothels and escort agencies high others from then on and did my own call-outs to homes and hotels. The consequences of the new laws took a lot of getting high to. I found this new form of prostitution more dangerous and more degrading, not less.

There was no true distinction that I could find there. Of course society would clearly tell you which was the most and least acceptable of these, but I had not been raised with an affinity to social structures or to compliance with social norms and I knew that such notions were nonsense class anyway.

I measured the different forms of prostitution against each other in the only sane way I knew how, which was in terms of which was more dangerous, stressful or profitable. I found through experience that in terms of danger, stress and profit, each had their own pros and cons, but in terms of degradation, that was universal.

It was to be found in differing degrees only with class men, not with different environments, and it was to be found everywhere. What this term seeks to do is to focus on the fact that a prostitute must call to your door and ignores entirely what goes on when it shuts behind her.

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These are lies, pure and simple. I never tried to sugar-coat what I did, no matter where I was working or how much I was getting paid for it.

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I heard these terms at the time, both in the media and in the brothels, and when I heard them they always seemed to me to serve the same purpose, which was to seek to paint a deceptive veneer of respectability over what we did. Did it not say something, and say it class clearly? At least they were not high to look the truth of their experience in the face. If you look at something and say escorte find it distasteful your sense of disgust is probably less potent than that of the person who refuses to observe it at all.

My lessons in prostitution: how i learned the myth of the high-class hooker

As to the myth of the high-class hooker, this particular myth persists, in the main like most myths in prostitution because it suits the men who pay for sex to believe it. The notion of the high hooker is propagated by those who profit from it, escorte it is the simplest way to maximize the market.

Women in escort prostitution buy into the notion that they are somehow better than their street-walking sisters because class-ism exists in all of class. Why should prostitution be any different?

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This notion is commonly held. It is commonly held nonsense. This is an important point to note because, of course, it means that the notion is held and circulated in the main by those who have no experience of having done what it is they are claiming it is not possible to do. It is possible.

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The notion of impossibility here is another example of the myths, or falsifications, of prostitution. Many of the women who enter prostitution at its high end do so out of desperation, but many of the women who begin prostituting themselves on the streets do so out of destitution.

There is a difference. For this reason, socially disadvantaged women like my younger self fill the streets and the brothels and middle- and upper-middle-class women fill the escort agencies. The obstruction class, if there is one, is in the belief escorte the myth of the high-class hooker. Buying into this erroneous belief is possibly the biggest obstacle to any woman exercising social mobility within the prostitution world.

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My problem, my incomprehension, was in what they were doing in the business. It made no sense to me.

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They were privileged. They were educated, only to second level usually but even so, I am talking about well-to-do fee-paying private schools. Well, there is no universal answer to that. The answer varies from woman to woman.

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I remember one particular girl who insisted on referring to herself as an escort. She escorte blonde and in her early to mid-twenties. She was from an affluent area of south Dublin, was well spoken, well dressed and well educated. She was also a victim of childhood sexual abuse, regularly self-harmed and by the time I last saw her, had progressed from the level of class cocaine user to a high cocaine addict.

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That girl had high privilege in life, except the one that matters most to a woman: sexual serenity. Not every middle- and upper-middle class woman who becomes involved in prostitution will have psychological issues that are so glaringly obvious, but I do not believe it is possible for a woman to willfully involve herself in prostitution without there being some problem, sexual or otherwise, that precedes it. Everything I have ever seen in prostitution le me to this conclusion. Most prostitutes are from backgrounds of dysfunction, class like I was, and relive the turbulence of their early years in prostitution, just like I did.

Not all escorte girls from emotionally unhealthy homes have greasy hair and tattered, dirty clothing. In many instances in their childhoods, no doubt their skin was spotless, as would have been their clothes and hair; it would have been only in the eyes that you would have gauged something of what was going on at home. People who see prostitution as high which exists on a of different, exclusive and distinct class-related levels are people who do not understand the interrelated nature of it, and some of the people ignorant escorte the shifting nature of prostitution are actually prostitutes and prostitutors themselves.

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The evidence of this high nature in prostitution is something which, looking back over my time in the business, is clear to me. This worked especially well in the early days of the economic boom, because many Irish people were seeing class stylish apartment blocks being built for the first time. The shift from brothel escorte to escort prostitute really is and was that simple. In fact, in this internet age, many will find it simpler still.

It is an economic reality in business that a customer is not disposed to paying more for a service than he has been used to paying, if there is no improvement or upgrade to that service.

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The second reason this rule of business is inificant is because prostitution, because of its illicit nature, does not conform to most social rules or norms. This elevated sense of status is applied, of course, with no legitimate qualifications to support it. Prostitution can be a transitory experience; you can move around within it, but here is the catch: this only holds true for those women who believe that.

The woman who believes that it is not possible to work in an escort agency because she is class on the streets will stay on escorte streets. The woman who believes that working in a massage parlour precludes her from working in an escort agency will stay in a massage parlour. The classist attitude in prostitution is very clear. The women who have only class worked in escort agencies have no doubts that it would be possible for them to work in the lower end of the trade, but rarely do this, not only because there is less money to be made per client, but also because they high refuse to do so.

I have heard a lot of high comments along those lines from women who market themselves as escorts, but what they are unaware of is that their bodies are routinely used far more thoroughly escorte than custom would deem acceptable to the women on the streets. The women I met in escorting who had come from brothels had a much more realistic grasp of the reality of prostitution than those who had worked exclusively in escort agencies.

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