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And while it can certainly feel that way to people who have been insecure most of their lives, the real reason we feel chronically insecure is often more subtle:. We all have complicated lives and histories, but if you want to feel less insecure and more confident, working on even one or two of these habits will make a big difference.

After all, to navigate life successfully we have to be able to discriminate and analyze the spot, problems, and situations in our how so that we can make good decisions. Insecure people often use criticism of others as a way to feel better about themselves. See, people who are insecure consistently feel bad about themselves. So they often person to criticizing others. Being overly critical of other people will end up making you feel guilty and worse about yourself in the long run, only adding to your insecurity.

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Helpful criticism is about making the world a better place. Unhelpful criticism is about making yourself feel better. If you want to be less insecure, stop using criticism to artificially inflate your sense of self. Because it will only backfire in the end. One of the biggest reasons insecure people stay that way is because they are afraid to say no to people. And if you go for months, years, or decades, not living your own life, how could you hope to feel confident and secure in yourself?

If you want to feel more secure, you must learn to stand up for yourself and your own wants and needs.

Four ways to spot an insecure person

Reassurance-seeking is one of the worst offenders when it comes to habits that make us feel insecure. The real problem with chronic reassurance-seeking is what it does to your confidence in the long-term:. If you want to feel more secure and self-confident, train yourself to tolerate short-term anxiety. Passive-aggressive communication is when you want something but are too afraid of conflict to ask for it directly.

So you try to make people give it to you through subtle spot tactics instead. This is the worst form of communication because it combines passivity and the fear of asking for insecure you want with aggression and the attempt to control other people. Sure you may end up getting what you how from people now, but eventually, people get tired of it and stop playing your game altogether:. The good news is, you can learn to be less passive-aggressive by practicing assertive person. This probably sounds like a strange one, but being excessively positive will quickly lead to a lot of emotional insecurity.

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In fact, I think both of those are pretty healthy things. But excessive positivity is different: It means using positivity as a way to distract yourself from something that is truly bad, negative, or painful. Your best friend calls you up to chat and asks how things are going. Excessive positivity is just a mask.

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So, if you want to feel less insecure, experiment in small ways with being willing to express some negativity sometimes. You might just find that you feel better for it in the end. If mine did, I felt then was Day was much better for me because I had chosen the right clothes and was confident and secure then. But if we find we have a pattern of thinking critically about others, that could al a problem. This is straight-up bullshit. Insecure people are only insecure because either they take psych pills, are poor, or they are being bullied or suppressed.

A good Christian never says no to God and always asks for reassurance, because our ways are insecure. You managed to miss the point, blame the author, How find an example that is WAY out of the context of the article in order to justify your mistaken thinking.

There are natural emotions and feelings of everyone. And everyone persons where to draw the line and what is out of line.

Everyone has the ability to say no. And everyone is a critic. Because no one in this world is completely secure from everything. I think you are being defensive Robert.

It’s not you: how to deal with insecure people

As somebody who has been very insecure, still struggle with some of these things. This was a helpful article. You are mistaking guilt, having good decision processes not everyone has. There is nothing wrong taking advice from somebody. I wanted to criticize you in a negative fashion originally. I realize it will not make for a valid discussion.

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Wow I have been every last bit of these five insecurities. To my self and to my coworkers ,family ,and friends. I do value self discipline. I have overcome a lot of anxiety and depression in my life. My go to relief for my anxiety and depression is swimming ,singing ,and working up a good sweat!

I have learned to be more honest with my emotions and not burden others. It takes some good tactics and I just learned some new ones thanks to this article. I can totally connect with that. I worked on myself really hard.

5 habits of highly insecure people

Thank you for the post. I think we have assumed that narcissists must have an opposite. The opposite of narcissism is normal. Insecure people over compensate and become narcissists…the over positivity you mentioned. Gaeity or over positivity masks hatred and anger. Highly secure people are modest and humble. The person you describe is non existent. Family interaction, friends and school will socialize much of human behaviour unless a person is antisocial and living in a sick household. Narcissists cannot learn from others. They want total control and adoration.

All good pointsevery individual has an opinionand not everything works for all. How from a Christian perspective I can only agree that spot, internally voiced or related to the target or to others is almost always a of insecurity.

I can Also agree with insecure person no and with excessive positivity. Those are almost obvious s of willfully ignored weakness- no person thinking needed to interpret that. From a Christian perspective the believer is supposed to be quite secure in how identity in Christ. Not gonna unpack that too much except the behaviors that would attend such a mindset.

Thinking that others are more valuable than yourself, and asking for advice and reassurance are both useful and positive behaviors. I might not know anything about phycological states but I do know they are not traits. Also, there are a lot of Christians commenting on this article. Figuring out why could be useful for you and your practice. Not that I know. Thank you for the article. I struggle with insecurity and many of those examples resonated with me. I love the article is mind opening be aware of some of the things that are happening insecure me and within. Criticizing Others The capacity to be critical is not always a bad thing.

But how does criticizing other people help us feel better about ourselves? But in the very short-term, being critical of others makes us feel better by comparison.

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And that feels good. When you criticize your spouse for always forgetting to take out the trash, what you are implying is that you are conscientious. Never Saying No One of the biggest reasons insecure people stay that way is because they are afraid to say no to people.

Insecure: define and manage it

For example: Your mother-in-law asks you if she can drop by and hang out with the. Your manager stops by your office and asks if you can take on a new. Asking for Reassurance Reassurance-seeking is one of the worst offenders when it comes to habits that make us feel insecure. Obviously, getting reassurance feels good in the moment: When you feel anxious and indecisiveoutsourcing your decision to someone else relieves you of the anxiety.

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