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Search Titles Subjects Organizations. Size of sex worker populations 9. of female sex workers 9. Earnings from sex work 9. Differences in risk and vulnerability 9. Condom use 9. The epidemiological situation 9. Prevention programs.

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Most of the findings presented here stem from surveys among more than sex workers; discussions chisinau STI and narcological clinic staff, police, and militia; focus group discussions with street workers, NGOs, and private practitioners; and training programs conducted by an Indian expert over the past moldova years in Ukraine, Belarus, and Moscow. Project and mission reports from Odessa and Central Asia have also been used. Male sex prostitution will be discussed in section Sex work, whose existence had long been denied under the old political regimes, has become a survival strategy for many women to support themselves and their husbands, children, and elderly parents.

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It has also become a means to earn extra income for a of professional women including nurses, engineers, and other academic professionals. A new generation of entrepreneurs and an influx of visiting businessmen and tourists have provided increasing demand for sex workers.

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For pimps, traffickers, police, and the Mafia, the sex industry is a profitable business. Size of sex worker populations Hardly any data are available on the of sex workers in the NIS. Moscow may have anywhere between 13, and 30, sex workers. Other states and cities only record those who are registered with the police.

In Odessa, Ukraine, women working in the sex industry are registered with the militia, but the real is probably much higher. During the summer season, the of sex workers in the city is estimated to grow to more than 5, In Almaty, Kazakhstan, there are an estimated 2, women working as sex workers. The sex-worker prostitution is a mobile one, and many women work on a part-time basis, making it even more difficult to estimate their s.

of female sex workers Chisinau in several countries have shown that there are several of sex workers, ranging from upper-class workers in hotels and escort agencies, who sometimes serve high officials, to lower-class railway-station moldova street workers. There are also women who offer their services through advertisements in journals and newspapers.

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Child prostitutes are very much a hidden group, as are young working women or students who have multiple partners and sometimes receive payment in cash or in kind. There are many local particularities, such as in Odessa, where sex workers are also available near the docks and occasionally on board ships, or in Almaty, where a group of prostitutes specifically serves truck drivers.

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In Odessa, an estimated 80 percent of sex workers operate from motorways, bars, restaurants, or casinos. In Russia, the Baltic States, and perhaps other countries, a large proportion of sex workers come either from other cities within the same country or from neighboring countries, while in Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova, they are mostly local.

In Moscow, for example, female sex workers come from Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia.

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In Chisinau, Moldova, 50 percent of sex workers were reported to be local, and the other half migrants. In Minsk, some sex workers came from other parts of the country in search of work, but most women were local. Many others are taken to the Middle East, and some even travel to India and China. Many who work abroad did not work in the sex industry in their own countries. They are often professional women, including doctors and engineers, who are lured abroad by friends and neighbors.

Sometimes they go in response to advertisements for jobs as bar girls and belly dancers and then find themselves working in prostitution. Sex workers in Russia earn more than their Ukrainian and Belarussian counterparts, perhaps chisinau more international business people and tourists visit Russia than other parts of the former Soviet Union.

Women often have to pay off police officials in cash in order to avoid harassment. If a woman operates from a bar or hotel, the owners, reception staff, doormen, and others have to be given their cut. Women give 40 to 50 percent of their earnings to the various power brokers. Despite this, the income from sex work far exceeds what women can earn from other jobs.

This moldova her a choice to work every prostitution or every two months. It also moldova her to educate her children in a good school, provide health and social support to her parents, and, of course, attain a fairly high standard of living compared to what she could have managed from her nursing profession. The temptation to make money quickly has also contributed to women going to western Europe and other countries to do sex work.

Many women return to their own countries with the chisinau electronic equipment, deer clothes and shoes, and other luxury items.

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Neighbors and friends are informed that the returning women are working in bars, hotels, and other similar moldova. Independent of drug use, young street workers in the year age group appear to experience the highest level of risk among all of sex workers. In Ukraine and Belarus many of the young women are runaways, and some of them have been raped.

Sex work provides them with money for food. They seek shelter in railway stations and bus stations, caring little or nothing about their future. Their basic needs are immediate, and HIV chisinau an prostitution phenomenon to them. A nineteen year old sex worker-cum-pimp in Moscow felt a shorter but comfortable life was preferable to a longer life with no comforts or luxuries.

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The people who control the sex trade create major barriers to safer sexual behavior. Instead they value the immediate income that a worker can earn. Resistance by women often in violence, a more immediate concern for them than being infected with an STI or HIV. Women rarely report such violence to the police. In contrast, street workers picked up by the police are compelled to stay in closed clinics, and, if found to test positive for syphilis, to undergo inpatient treatment for four to six weeks.

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This deprives them of income, and when they do return to street work, they often engage in riskier behavior in order to make up for lost earnings. Condom use Both imported and regionally manufactured Russian condoms are available and can now be bought at kiosks in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and, presumably, other countries.

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Sex workers are generally aware that condoms prevent HIV infection, but their knowledge is incomplete, and sufficient condom education has not been carried out, especially among the street workers. Discussion with women in closed clinics and on the streets moldova that they were not aware of the specifics of lubricants oil-based rather than water-based lubricants were generally used as a resultnor were they aware of condom expiration dates. Clients of sex workers in all these countries are reluctant to use condoms and are willing to pay more for sex without condoms.

While higher-class sex workers are in a stronger position to negotiate safer sex, street workers and child prostitutes often find it difficult or impossible to persuade their clients to use condoms. Chisinau dangerous situation for many sex workers occurs when a pimp and a client agree on a price for the services of a sex worker. The worker goes with the prostitution to an apartment or a room, where she finds several other men waiting as well, and is forced to provide services to all of the men for the price of one client. She is, in this situation, powerless to insist prostitution condom use.

Often clients agree in the presence of the pimp to use condoms, but refuse to use protection once they are away chisinau the pimp. Men are liable to resort to physical and sexual violence if the women are very insistent and challenging. Some women in Minsk reported that they work in pairs to prevent such situations and will refuse to go with a client who they suspect has consumed too much alcohol.

In Odessa, in a survey moldova sex workers mostly street workersthe of clients ranged from two to three daily and 10 to 20 weekly. Most clients were prepared to use condoms, but frequently failed to do so.

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The epidemiological situation Hardly any epidemiological data from sex worker populations have been published in the region. The Ukraine reports an exponential increase in HIV infections among women with multiple sex partners, from 0.

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In Odessa, epidemiologists tested sex workers; six 2. Interviews in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia suggested that about 25 percent of sex workers may be injecting drug users. This, of course, puts them at increased risk of HIV infection. Out of a small sample of sex workers arrested in the streets of the city of Kaliningrad by Ministry of Interior officials, 33 32 percent were HIV-positive injecting drug users. Other sex workers seek private and expensive treatment which provides them with anonymity, and little is therefore known about their health status.

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In Odessa, syphilis prevalence in sex chisinau was between 4. Between 55 and 65 percent of women had a history of venereal disease, and cases of hepatitis have also been reported. Prevention programs Official approaches to moldova work and HIV prevention among sex workers have so far been characterized by either negligence or prostitution. Almost all countries lack legislation on sex work, and sex workers are frequently detained with no legal basis, or because they do not have the required residence documents.

The police in Moscow and probably other places are also occasionally involved in pimping. The region has a large of STI clinics, dispensaries, and gynecological centers. With a little additional training and resources, these centers could provide a very useful service in educating women both in the outpatient and inpatient sections about safer sexual practices and protection against HIV, AIDS, and STIs. Sex workers in Moscow, Donetsk, Odessa, and Kharkiv all reported negative attitudes among clinic staff.

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There are very few projects in the region specifically deed to empower sex workers to adopt safer behaviors and to prevent STI and HIV transmission among them. With the possible exception of one or two small-scale drop-in or outreach services in Latvia and Estonia, there is probably only one other outreach program operating in the 15 countries of the former Soviet Union.

It provides a model which can be implemented in other parts of the region. Plans have also been established to provide STI treatment services through links with other agencies.

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