10 Best Dash Cam Cyber Monday Sales And Deals | 2019


Best Dash Cam Cyber Monday Sales And Deals 2019

Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam Black Friday deal 2019

Vantrue N2 Guru Dual Dash Cam is still another dual dashboard camera program that was specially built to accommodate the needs of the taxis who spend hours driving on the street.

So, let’s get fast into action so as to find out what can you expect from this particular unit. The N2 Pro includes two cameras like a front camera that will record the road ahead. And at precisely the exact same time, the second one is recording the passenger cabin. But what both of these have in common is the ability to capture 1080p resolution.

I would also like to say that these cameras are exceptionally durable. As a result of their structure that was made from PC and ABS housing which make them powerful enough to function in temperatures that range from minus 4 to 194 levels. However, keep in mind that the best possible outcomes can occur from minus 4 to 5 up to 158 degrees.

Let’s talk about performance. While the rear camera is powered with a Sony Exmor IMX 323 detector that records in 1080p at 30fps and contains a diagonal viewing angle of up to 140 degrees.

So if we check these specs carefully it usually means that these two will never disappoint you concerning the functionality and the quality of the recordings. I would also like to say that the setup process isn’t time-consuming. It’s mainly because of the simple fact that you will be provided with a suction mount which can easily attach and detach.

So, for now, I don’t have any remarks. Moving to the N2 pro-G-sensors which will secure the listed videos in an event of a collision.

It comes with a loop recording capability which means that your old unnecessary footages will probably be overwritten at specific intervals. And also a time-lapse as well which takes photos and unites them together into a video output that’s really awesome.

In the end, there’s also a timestamp feature that I especially like because it will serve you as proof of proof if something wrong happens.

To complete the N2 pro as a must-have because it packs numerous features that will increase your security to a whole new level.


Image result for Garmin Dash Cam 55

The Garmin dash cam 55 is a luxury GPS-enabled dash camera that combines a compact design with really unreal recording capacities. Maybe that is the principal reason why it is being used by thousands of consumers around the industry.

This unit boasts a discreet black coloured body with a highlighted bronze ring that wraps around the lens. Both inch LCD screen and for uniform buttons positioned on the side add even more beauty to its appearance.

For your own information, once you open the box you will find an 8 gigabytes micro SD card. You’ll also get 2 magnetic mounts of which you can have an edge in order to mount this little gem and a13.5-inch power cable.

You’ll be equipped with everything necessary. Moreover, the installation process is butter smooth as well. It is due to the fact that all you’ve got to do is to attach the magnetic mount which is connected to the peak of the camera. And after that, you have to stick one of those glue magnets into your dashboard windshield.

Now let’s discuss its features. The dashboard camera 55 comes with a 3.7-megapixel camera that records in 1440p at 30fps and both mild and low lit surroundings.

You can lower the resolution as well but keep in mind that this contributes to diminished quality.

Moving on, you will have two choices of operation. Whether with your voice or from your smartphone. If you intend to use your address all you’ve got to do would be to say”ok Garmin” and provide specific instruction. Those instructions are like take a photo, stop or start.

If you want the second choice, I’d like to notify you that you can edit your own videos, frame your shots, find the camera and a lot more. And this all can be done with a single tap in your smartphone.

Finally, this system integrates a G sensor that I especially like. However, let’s not overlook that this device will alert you if you stray from your lane or whether you’re driving too close to the car ahead.


Anker Roav DashCam C1 Black Friday deal 2019

The Roav DashCam is also simple to set up, budget-friendly dash camera. It could be a great alternative for everyone who’s searching for an excellent camera without spending hundreds of dollars.

The Roav C1 comes with an extremely compact all-black body that houses a vivid 2.4-inch display positioned on the front. It also has an embedded lock on the trunk.

It comes with a nonrefundable 1080p camera set in the base and an internal 470 milliamp hours battery which according to the manufacturer can capture up to 30 videos.

Additionally, you won’t have any trouble installing the camera due to the fact that among its sides sticks straight to a windshield via an adhesive pad. So, as soon as you set it up the camera will constantly remain stable.

When it concerns the operation because this device is Wi-Fi enabled you can download its program from which you are able to transfer the recorded files for your smartphone. So you may have a convenient viewing and sharing which is always welcomed.

Now let’s discuss the qualities. The C1 is powered by an innovative Sony Exmor CMOS sensor and uses the Nighthawk vision technologies. This essentially means that this unit can capture 4 lanes of traffic in total HD 1080p resolution with 30fps. Thus, even when you’re driving in the nighttime nothing can be missed.

Moreover, there’s also an integrated shock sensor that will automatically start recording when it seems that undesirable incidents are upcoming. So you will have complete footage of everything that’s happened but that is not all.

The C1 has a gravity sensor as well which will instantly be activated once your car is bumped from somebody who wants to disappear. After that so you can take the recorded video and reveal it to the police officers since no one can get out with it.

Another fantastic thing about this camera is that it is very durable. To be more precise the C1 can operate in temperatures that vary from 19 to around 149 Fahrenheit. So, as you can view this camera can function in various weather conditions while keeping its quality recordings into the highest levels.


Image result for Thinkware F770 2-Channel Dash Cam

Thinkware F770 is a two-channel dash camera that would be a superb alternative for you especially if you’re driving most of the time throughout the night. As a result of its high-end night vision abilities.

The F770 supports a very long and hardy glossy black body that’s accompanied by amount connector. This mount connector is positioned on the top. A security LED is at the front. The camera lens is in the far side. You could even notice physical buttons such as the rec button, voice recording button, Wi-Fi link button, format button, and a power button. So once you view it as a whole it looks and feels really well equipped.

So from the very start, you will be supplied with everything needed.

Now let us talk about the qualities. That is absolutely great. Since we’re talking about a two-channel camera, I’d love to notify you that among those cameras can be placed on the front while the second on the rear.

What is interesting about it is that the two of them is able to record 1080p videos with 30fps which is wonderful. Moving on, the F770 is Wi-Fi empowered as well. No matter if you’re an iOS or Android user it is possible to configure its settings from the smartphone and watch live videos. But that is not all based on the manufacturer.

During the night drive, this camera may increase the brightness set up to 1000 percent while reducing the noise to the minimal. So your videos will not only be well-defined however they will also be full of dozens of details.

Last but not least, this apparatus will detect street markers even though you’re driving and also push voice warnings when it finds a probability of an imminent collision.



Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam Black Friday deal 2019

 That he Rexing V1 Auto Dash Cam was on the market for a few years but since its initial release users have not stopped purchasing it.

It is due to its powerful capabilities that will guarantee you constant recordings with an exceptionally sharp caliber. This unit has an all-black low profile construction that’s accompanied by 170 degrees ultra-wide-angle lens, a 2.4-inch screen with an intuitive control panel located beneath.

You can have an advantage of this mount to be able to mount this camera on your windshield. You will also find a 12 feet electricity cable, single USB cable, and a user manual.

However, you will have an option to purchase additional accessories if you believe the included ones are not sufficient which I really doubt. Now let us discuss the performance. The v1 can capture Full HD 1080p movies at 30fps which is quite great.

If we include its ultra-wide-angle lens, it means that this camera can record in various lighting conditions. It will also be capable enough to provide a great coverage of your surroundings which is actually cool.

Additionally, you will get an option to generate loop records. As an example, you can divide a recorded video into 5, 3 or 10-minute segments and when the memory card is full this unit will magnify the older videos with all the new ones. So you should not be concerned about anything but remember that you’ll have to also purchase a memory card since it isn’t contained in the package.

Moreover, the v1 integrates a gravity sensor too. I especially like it since the recorded video will be protected and locked when a crash happens. Before we finish I want to notify you that the only remark users needed regarding its functionality were the internal battery. It might provide you with approximately 5 minutes of backup but you may address this issue by linking this camera into an external power source.



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