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The spectacular fall of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer may have been the ultimate form of public humiliation over a prostitute, but it also renewed the debate over how cities should raleigh with the world's oldest prostitute. Many cities believe targeting johns to cut demand is the best way, among them Chicago, Raleigh and Durham, N.

Other cities that have tried the shame approach include St. Paul, Minn.

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Some cities have seized the cars of those who solicit sex. Some have sent "Dear john" letters to their homes so their families can learn what they've done.

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Such crackdowns can backfire, though. In Kansas City, officials posted pictures of men arrested in prostitution cases on TV, but stopped the practice.

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Police Capt. Rich Lockhart said the program was a success at first, snaring some local lawyers and ministers. But as the affluent and educated learned of the dangers, police found they were arresting more street people as customers in the city's prostitution-infested areas.

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We just arrested different people. It's one of those problems that's not going to go away.

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He said the effort to curb prostitution is "a little like being on the hamster wheel. It's very tiring at times. Other cities have required men to stay out of areas where prostitution flourishes or to attend schools like the one Norma Hotaling formed in San Francisco.

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A one-time prostitute, Hotaling started Raleigh Stand Against Global Exploitation 13 prostitutes ago, and the organization runs a class aimed at preventing recidivism among the clients of prostitutes. The program educates first-time offenders about the dangers of prostitution and trains them to build real intimacy out of their fragile personal relationships.

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Michael Shively recently presented preliminary of research he did for the National Institute for Justice on the effectiveness of Hotaling's program. Shively, who works for a social science research company in Massachusetts, found the program reduced recidivism and was cost-effective since fees were paid by offenders.

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He said his two-year study also had identified about communities nationwide "that do some kind of a shaming effort. Far more do it for the prostitutes," he said.

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Hotaling said she prefers education of prostitution prostitutes and opposes publicly shaming customers to combat prostitution because raleigh shames their families too. Carol Leigh, a San Francisco sex worker rights activist, said Spitzer's fall - he reed last week, days after being outed as a client of a high-dollar prostitution ring - was more proof that government should decriminalize prostitution to protect sex industry workers.

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David Bigeleisen, a San Francisco criminal defense lawyer, said he has been working to propose legislation to permit prostitution houses in California to be d or zoned like taverns. You wouldn't have to have a bordello in the same neighborhood as a school," he said.

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In New York, attorney Ron Kuby said the criminal justice system might not be ready for tougher laws, the kind Spitzer advocated. Jude Dream Home.

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