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In general terms, an extrovert is a person who is motivated by external stimuli. Extroverts tend to really like people and socializing and to have outgoing, vocal personalities. Read on to learn more about extroverted personality traits and what it really means to be an extrovert. InCarl Jung classified personality into two basic types: introvert and extravert.

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Some personality traits are common for a majority of extroverts, but not all these traits apply to all extroverts. Personality is a wide spectrum, and everyone has a different mix of traits. They go to a gathering, meet a bunch of new people, and talk to old friends, and all that social interaction gives them a full battery to keep on partying as opposed to introverts, who often find that social gatherings drain their energy.

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Extroverts tend to prefer working in groups to working alone. They like to talk out their ideas with co-workers and find greater happiness and energy in doing things as a team. That might not mean every extrovert is wowing a crowd with their keg stand abilities, but their outgoing, friendly nature tends to draw attention and forge new friendships. Friends abound for extroverts! Connection with other people is incredibly important, and extroverts cherish the many people in their lives.

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The need for friends is biological. One study found that extroverts had a higher response to person human faces than introverts. Just as introverts are known for being on the quiet side, extroverts are known for being talkative. Instead of processing thoughts and emotions internally, extroverts like to use talking to sort out their ideas. When an introvert is scrambling to their room for some alone time, an extrovert is hopping in the car to meet up with friends. Generally, extroverts need less time alone and find less comfort in quiet time.

One study found that extroverts got a hit of dopamine the happiness hormone, in extrovert general terms when a risk paid off, specifically when gambling. And a study found that extroverts were biologically motivated to look for novelty new or different experiences. The best news about being an extrovert?

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It sounds odd that one personality group could be happier than another, but a study found that extroversion was regularly linked with being happier. Another study found that even when people just pretended to be extrovertsthey were happier! Obviously, there are nuances here. Introverts and extroverts can both be happy, sad, and everything in between. Which brings us to….

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Whenever you classify things in black and white introvert or extrovert — nothing in between! Here are some extrovert myths that need to be debunked. Since extroverts are often outgoing and friendly, people assume all extroverts are extremely confident or even cocky. Not true. Anybody can have issues with confidence, even people with lots of friends.

One study found that extroverted behavior led to happiness and fatigue. Three hours after their extroverted excursion, participants felt tired from the interaction.

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This was true regardless of personality type. Everybody likes to be alone sometimes, and even extroverts need time away from the crowds to recharge. When a person is really talkative, they may be accused of talking over others or gabbing it up just because they like the sound of their own voice. Reminder: They use talking to process their thoughts, not to shut other people up.

Anyone can be creative — it has nothing to do with personality type. Luckily, this is far from true. These different personality types often complement each other and make for wonderful working or social relationships. As Paula Abdul said, opposites attract. And when has MC Skat Kat ever lied to you?

Exactly how to tell the difference between an introvert and extrovert

Extroversion is a sliding scale, not a yes-or-no question. Many actors who seem like textbook examples of extroversion are actually introverts, even though they literally seek the spotlight. Introverts can lead companies and speak in front of thousands of people. See which traits best describe you and use them to understand and care for yourself in the best way possible. One therapist walks us through the main differences…. Not everyone should have to be an extrovert. Instead, we should make spaces more inclusive for everyone in between. Isolation can be healing at times, especially for introverts, but it can also go too far.

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One writer looks back at when self-isolation became closer…. What are the physical symptoms of stress? It's not as easy as checking in with your brain, sometimes you need to listen to your….

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Take it from a bartender: talking to strangers is a beautiful thing. The key is taking a zero strings attached approach.

I’m an extrovert. and i’m misunderstood.

Share on Pinterest. The makeup of an extrovert. Read this next. Introvert or Extrovert?

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